5 Tips for Choosing High Quality Bath Towels

bath towel reviewMost of us have unknowingly made bad towel purchases, or had bad towel experiences — whether it involved towels that failed to absorb any moisture, miscellaneous cotton fibers left on the body, or towels that fell apart in the washing machine or wilt in the drier. Conversely, high quality towels are often fluffier, softer, and provide more absorbency and durability.  When you’re standing in an aisle filled with multiple rows and shelves of various towel choices, choosing the highest quality can be a challenge. Here are a couple of tips to aid you in your search:

Determine what material the towel is made out of.
Towels come in a variety of fabrics. The standard high quality towel is made of fine, long-fiber cotton; higher quality towels are made of Egyptian or Brazilian cotton, but cost substantially more. Some towels are microfiber, or are made out of organic cotton, and to a lesser extent, rayon.

Take the towel for a test drive—sort of. Figuring out if a towel is going to dry well is a tricky process, especially since most stores will frown upon customers who try out potential towels by drying themselves or other wet objects before making their purchasing decision. In lieu of this obstacle, there are a few ways to determine what makes an absorbent towel without actually testing the absorbency:

•    Unfold the towels and examine the size. If the towel is light, chances are it’s of subpar quality, while heavier towels provide more fabric, and therefore more absorbency and softness.
•    Examine the fibers on the towel carefully. If they’re laying flat against the towel, it’s likely the towel isn’t very absorbent, nor is it very soft. Fibers that stand up straight are an easy sign pointing to a higher quality towel, offering more absorbency.

Read consumer reports. Consumer reports come in handy for gauging the quality and popularity of a variety of brands of several different items, and bath towels are no different. Popular bath towel brands mentioned in prior consumer reports have been Land’s End and Restoration Hardware.

Pick a color, any color…almost. Unfortunately, not every high quality towel manufacturer makes their towels in every shade imaginable. Therefore, before you spend a significant amount of time sidling up to towels on the show room floor at Bed Bath and Beyond, do a little bit of research online to find out which brands offer colors that match your bathroom’s color scheme. From there, you can conduct the aforementioned in-store testing methods amongst towels that come in the color you desire.

Consult friends or family. Do you have an aunt whose guest bathroom towels are exceedingly plush? Feel free to call her and ask where she purchased her towels. Have a friend who recently redecorated her bathroom? Ask her about her towel purchasing experiences. After all, word of mouth is the fastest way to learn about the best products and weed out those unworthy of your time or money.

Choosing high quality bath towels is a simpler process than buying a new car or laptop. However, they do cost significantly more than the average towel, and before you spend over $100 on bath towels, it’s worth doing a bit of legwork to ensure you’re getting the best possible product at the best possible price.

Buying the Best Bath Towels

Climbing off a bathtub and into a thick, warm towel can make feel anyone feel pampered. The softness of the towel instantly envelops the body and provides much-needed warmth and protection. Unfortunately, most people still wrap their bodies into thin, small, and water-repellant towels, which turn a potentially good experience into a task.
So how can you get the most out of every bath? Well, there’s no need to buy $100 bath towels. There are a lot of choices out there. High-quality towels don’t necessarily come with a high price tag, but you need to know where to look.

Choosing the Bath Towel
Towels are made from varying types and grades of cotton. The most expensive towels are made from Brazilian and Egyptian cotton. However, according to some experts, the type of cotton that is used shouldn’t be the main consideration in buying towels. Buyers should also know how the cotton has been treated because this will affect the towel’s durability.

The thread count also matter. It is difficult to judge a towel without first feeling them. For most people, it is important to touch and feel the fabric before making the decision. If it has a velvety texture as well as some weight, it can be considered good quality. On the other hand, if the fabric feels scratchy, then it’s pretty safe to assume that the towel is of low-quality and will wear out quickly.

When it comes to thread count – the higher, the better. Thread count refers is the amount of threads in a one-inch square of fabric. Generally, finer threads allows more to be fitted in into the square inch. The result is soft, smooth, and luxurious fabric that will feel good to the skin. However, it is important to take into consideration if the thread used is single-ply or double-ply. Very fine threads can make the fabric fragile so using a double-ply thread strengthens it.

Buying the Perfect Bath Towel
Decent-quality towels are usually associated with high prices. But nowadays, the choices are varied. It has become a lot easier to find good bath towels that cost less than $15. If you opt for high-quality towels with decorative designs, the cost can range from $18-$20 which is still reasonable. For individuals who insist on having the best of everything, then the cost of bath towels can range from $60 upwards depending on the brand, materials, and design of the fabric.

The more expensive bath towels can usually be found in high-end retail stores. Give these shops a visit and you’ll surely find something that’s perfect for your needs. On the other hand, busy individuals can shop online. Still, nothing compares to feeling bath towels first before buying it. Getting that first feel of the towel is important because your first instinct is usually correct.

Overall, expect high-quality towels to last anywhere from 8 to 12 years if you wash it properly. Avoid fabric softeners when washing because it can minimize its absorbent capabilities.

Bath Towel Reviews

best bath towelsWhich type of bath towel do you prefer? Some people enjoy rough towels. Some prefer soft towels. Still others need something in-between – not too rough or too soft. There are hundreds of brands on the market that offer every kind of towel experience imaginable. Below are five brands that have gained some popularity and what people think of them.

Cannon Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel
This Egyptian cotton bath towel is extremely absorbent and soft. People with allergies and sensitive skin will appreciate these towels a great deal. Owners do note that the threads occasionally need trimming and can pill up as well. They are quite durable, as consistent with Egyptian cotton, and machine washable.

Linum Authentic Hotel & Spa Turkish Cotton Bath Towels
The two most common words associated with Linum’s Turkish cotton bath towels are “thick and fluffy.” While Turkish bath towels are not considered as soft as Egyptian cotton bath towels, these towels are in a league of their own when it comes to softness. Those who do not like fuzzy towels or soft towels will not like these, but for those who want a plush experience, then these towels are top choice.

Peacock Alley Park Avenue Bath Towel
Durable and fade-resistant, these bath towels have a jacquard weave, made of long staple cotton, and have both a soft and terry cloth feel to the skin. This towel is great for those who want softness but also a more textured feel, and for those who want the colors they choose to stay true to the original purchased color.

Lenox Platinum Collection Bath Towel
This bath towel is actually not 100% cotton – it is 70% cotton, and 30% Rayon, made from bamboo fiber. Bamboo is known for its sustainability. One could consider this an “Eco-friendlier” towel. Furthermore, these towels are noted by owners as very absorbent and soft. The major quibble with these towels is that they are not fade-resistant (using cold water washes can help with that), and that they produce a lot of lint with the first three washings.

1888 Mills Bath Towels – Commercial Quality
These bath towels are economically sound, and are perfect for those who want a towel exactly like the ones that are used in hotels. They are not too rough, and not too soft. They have a great absorbency, and are a mix of cotton (86%) and polyester (14%). The most common comment on these towels is that they dry more quickly than others, and do not produce a lot of lint or “pills.” They also come in packs of 8, and are all white.

Bath towels are as different from each other as the people who use them. The best towels for sensitive skin are the ones that are 100% cotton and advertise as being “soft” and that some comment are “too soft.” Others will enjoy a blend of fibers if they prefer a towel with some “substance.”